I went intothewild to find my passion.

And here I am.

This is me

I'm Annika. After studying design, I worked as Art Director and Team Lead within a digital Marketing agency for 5,5 years. I was responsible for our biggest client "Vodafone", worked on site hand in hand within the performance marketing team and was the creative head for them. Together with my team I managed the creation for their display banner and social ad production, newsletters, landingpages and even complex technical projects as project lead with Vodafone Global. I always wanted to be my own boss and do things how I think they're done best: That's why I became a freelancer. I am ready for you and your projects.

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Everybody told me to

find my niche.

So I did the opposite.

When I started my freelancing everybody told me, I should find a niche and just become an expert within that field. I decided to do it differently. I am for sure an expert in banners and social media campaigns – but in the past my clients always wanted more. They wanted to work with me as a person.

Therefore I decided to offer a huge variety of my skills. And whenever I can't fullfill my clients needs, I would partner up with amazing creatives. Such as writers, handletter artist and developers.

But: I follow the one-face-philosophy. The clients want me, they get me. Until the project is finished with satisfaction from both sides.


Clients &


Luckily I was able to work with amazing brands like these in the past:


What Clients say

“I never have to worry when I work with Annika as I know that her work will always be of the highest quality and delivered on time. She is proactive and an excellent project manager. She takes the time to understand our needs and her immense personal creativity adds an extra flavor to her projects making them unique and memorable.”


„Annika has an impressive ability to work under pressure, collaborate productively within a team, has a positive attitude and friendly demeanor towards her superiors, peers and clients. Her work ethic is highly efficient, self-sufficient and extremely accurate, as well as the ability to maintain a high degree of responsibility and reliability. Even if the tasks are difficult and challenges accumulate, or if she is faced with high-pressure deadlines, her productivity is always of excellent quality.”


I have worked with Annika for over 2 years, when she was our

creative marketing consultant for Vodafone.
Annika managed all of our creative needs such as landingpages, newsletters, banners and social ads. As she was integrated in our team in Düsseldorf, she was more than a consultant, she was more like a team member (also personally). Her work was always done with perfection, she always hit the deadline and her communication and management skills exceeded our expectations. Always with a smile on her face, she also represented our department within Vodafone. I would recommend her to anyone, who is in need of a responsible and independent working creative person.